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How to Up Your Spring and Summer Clothing Game

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then Spring arrived for you on Tuesday March 20th. Summer will arrive shortly on Thursday June 21st.

So now is the time to update your style with some classic warm weather looks. Here are basic ways to get the job done. And remember, fit is always more important than price or label.


All cotton, all linen or cotton-linen suits: tan or blue. Why?

Because tan is a classic color and everyone looks better in shades of blue.

Pants / Jeans

All cotton khakis: light blue or tan; if you’re bold, consider rose, and yellow.

Lighter shade and weight jeans: time to ditch or rotate out the black and indigo jeans.

Shirts / Polos

Striped tipped polos: casual or dressy, they'll look great when paired with a summer suit

Short sleeve shirt: it should fit well, no baggy oversized cuts

Short, long sleeve seersucker: classic light blue, red stripped or solid white

Short, long sleeve linen shirts: and it’s ok… they’re suppose to look wrinkled.


Like all clothing, ties have seasons: use cotton, linen or silk ties.


White tennis shoes; leather, suede or all canvas.

Tan, light brown dress shoes.

Tan, light suede shoes or chukka boots

Shorts / Trunks

Shorts: 9’ or 10.5” in length; not shorter or longer.

Swim trunks: 7” or 9” length, with sewn-in brief.

No cutoffs or man-capris.

Cutoffs are not for swimming, they’re of the devil and should be exorcised out of your wardrobe.

For more information about men’s clothing, check out,

  • The Handbook of Style: A Men’s Guide to Looking Good - Esquire

  • The Biggest Black Book Ever: A Man’s Ultimate Guide to Life and Style - Hearst Editions

  • Off the Cuff: The Essential Style Guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them - Carson Kressley

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