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Ultimate Guide to True Love

True love.

We want it, but what is it?

True love has two vital components: known and loved.

That’s how true love works: you must be fully known to be truly loved. If you are fully known and truly loved, then you have found true love.

Therefore, if you are loved, but not completely known, then you are not experiencing True Love. How can you be confident you are actually loved if you are not actually known? What "version" of you is your SO in love with?

If you are known and not loved, this reinforces you are not worthy of being loved. It is obvious you are not enjoying True Love in that situation. Therefore people who have known this kind of rejection, begin or continue to "hide" from others their true selves.

I am not suggesting you should share every awful, dark, horrible secret about yourself with your SO. Yet, take a look at your relationship and ask if there’s a habit of secrecy or honesty?

Secrecy never leads to true love. Honesty does.

To be truly loved you need to be fully known.

Completely, actually and perfectly.

And when you are known and still loved, you have found true love.

A real gift.

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