It Was A Beautiful Day When My Father Died

It Was A Beautiful Day When My Father Died: On Fatherhood and Forgiveness  "A searing, open-hearted account, which is courageous in its complexity and honesty. The seemingly impossible journey of grief, acceptance, and forgiveness recorded in this work is one shared, to some extent, by every one of us. This book takes the often abstract concepts of grace and compassion and makes them exquisitely–often painfully–real­."  

—Jonathan Puls, Chair, Department of Art
Associate Professor of Art History and Painting, 

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HABITS: Six Steps To The Art of Influence

HABITS is an anecdotal project by Dr Marcus Goodloe and Octavio Cesar Martinez based upon their experiences, circumstances, faith and interpretation of what makes the best leaders after a combined 50 plus years of leading and being led.


How To Forgive

There is a lot of confusion about forgiveness, but after reading this you’ll know what forgiveness is, what forgiveness is not, and how to forgive others. By practicing forgiveness—making forgiveness a habit—you will free yourself from your hurts, resentments and relational wounds.


How To Apologize

Often, because of the tremendous amount of confusion surrounding relationships, asking for forgiveness becomes a minefield. With good intentions, we apologize, or we say, “I’m sorry” and ask to be forgiven, only to have it go sideways. 

What happened?

We did not know about the three different types of apologies and how they apply. This booklet will help you understand the three types of apologies and more important, where, when, and if to use them.


Why We Don't Forgive

Forgiveness is simple, but not easy.  Many folks claim they want to be free of the negative emotions which plague people who won't forgive.  In the end, all of us love the idea of forgiveness, but we don’t want to forgive.  Why?