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There’s Something About Mary

I never watched the 1998 film, There’s Something About Mary.

Though I watch almost any Ben Stiller comedy, never saw this one. Truth is, not a fan of Cameron Diaz [and I don’t thinks she cares], who also stars in the film. But the film’s title never left my head because it seems to hit the right off notes when it comes to Mary, the Mother of God.

If you’re Roman Catholic, she was and ever more shall be, The Virgin. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, she is: “…the Church’s model of faith and charity… by her complete adherence to the Father’s will, to the Son’s redemptive work, and every prompting of the Holy Spirit…”

But to Protestants, she is only Jesus’ mom.

Protestants believe Roman Catholics place too much emphasis on Mary, and therefore will ignore her all year, except during Christmas when every Protestant becomes a Neo-Catholic: singing hymns in Latin, [Angels We Have Heard on High], singing songs about Mary, [Mary Did You Know], celebrating Christmas [the unbiblical tradition started by the Catholic Church] and finally, even dragging out graven images of Mary with baby Jesus. But even then Protestants seemed driven to sully her Catholic reputation by reminding anyone willing to listen that she didn’t remain a virgin!

“Do whatever he tells you.”

Years ago as a Baptist minister, I shared a talk about Mary and her value as a role model for all followers of Jesus. I looked up, and shared every reference of Mary in the Holy Book and history. There’s actually quite a bit of information. I called her, The First Disciple.

At the very least, even if your religious understanding forbids calling her a Saint, she is one of the finest examples of devotion to God. And Mary also gave us the best advice to live our faith. At a Middle Eastern, 1st century wedding, just minutes before Jesus first revealed Himself to be more than a small business owner, Mary, “…said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Good advice then.

Good advice now.

Clearly, there is something wonderful about Mary.

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