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What Is The Benefit of a Healthy Community?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

We love the idea of diversity, but we lean towards uniformity.

In dress.

In beliefs.

In thought.

In demeanor.

Just take a look at your friends. Generally, you and your friends have similar political views, economic status, relational status. You’ll live near each other, tend to work in related industries [remember, I said, generally, not always]. So while we all long for our own uniqueness, to live a non-cloned, non-standardized original life, we tend to find and make friends with, stay with, or marry people like ourselves.

This is a primary reason to seek community: because of the blind spots we have. And if you practice the habit of HABITS, diversity will organically follow. If you are a follower of the teachings of Christ and St.Paul, you know you are supposed to practice the HABITS. We, of all people, should naturally create diversity in relationships in our lives.

Now here’s the tension of diversity in community: communities have mutual human interests. This is why the most interesting and healthy communities have common values, but diverse viewpoints. The people in these groups know each other, talk to each other, laugh with each other, care for each other, are for each other. But most important: they see each other.

If you never wish to be challenged into a courageous life, if you always wish to be affirmed, if you do not want feedback, then stay in your relational echo chamber. If you want to grow, seek a community you normally would not seek.

Remember, no one succeeds alone. NO ONE.

We all stand on the shoulders of others. The idea that we can discover wisdom and insight on a solitary journey is a myth. We have our Greek philosopher friends to thank for that image, but it’s a myth. All of us — regardless of our ethnic background, our social economic status, or our education levels — want someone to care about us. To know us. To see us. We are built for and function best in a group of friends. In a community.

Seek community,

If you want to succeed,

If you wish to thrive,

If you want to become a better human being,

This is benefit of being in a healthy community.

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