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6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be More

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Photo by Baptiste C David on Unsplash

1. Wear a Suit.

I’m not talking about a DG, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford or even a JCrew suit. Just suits in general. Fit is more important than cost (hey — look at me! FIT. IS. MORE. IMPORTANT). Here’s a plus: when you wear a suit you make a better impression. Period. Business meetings. Social setting or Dates. And you’ll feel more confident too (an attractive trait to women). Buying your first suit? Start with dark grey or navy blue, but do not buy a black suit unless you are a mortician, preacher, security guard or chauffeur.

2. Shine Your Shoes

Grownup man shoes are made of leather, which need to be shined and tied with waxed cotton laces. Grownup man shoes do not have a square toe; they’re not made of synthetics or have rubber soles. You don’t need many pairs of real shoes (actually 3—4 will serve you well), but shine the ones you have. The shinier, the dressier. Here are the basic shoes a man should own:

  • black cap toe lace up

  • brown brogue (wingtip or cap toe)

  • burgundy, or brown, or black slip on.

  • white tennis shoe

Don't know how to shine your shoes? Find a shoe shine stand and tip well.

I promise they’ll remember you.

3. Get a Haircut.

You’re not average are you? Of course not — you’re reading this blog! The average guy waits until he needs a haircut before he gets a haircut. But not you, sir. You know better than to allow your hair to go through wild mood swings like some drunk college coed. No sir, you know better because you sir, are better. You know that a trim every 2—3 weeks is preferred to follicle triage every 2—3 months. Stay in you hair sweet spot and get a barber you can trust.

4. Be a Gentleman

Here’s the shortcut: learn some manners. I am constantly surprised how handsome men ruin their chances at meaningful relationships because they act like feral dogs. Sir, learn ye some manners. Don’t know where to start? Well there’s a little thing that’s really catching on called the INTERNET. Just Google, “how to be a gentleman” and you’ll get over 27,000,000 options.

5. Read.

A boy plays, but a man reads. Books, magazines (and no, not Maxim), or journals. Be the best dressed man in the room, but have something intelligent to say. Read a book and learn something. Start small like an article or two from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Magazine, Fantastic Man, Lapham’s Journal, The Rake, The Economist, Fast Company, or WIRED. Spend time wisely by playing catch up with reading the classics (audio books anyone?) Finally, for extra seasoning, sprinkle in a bit of current events.

6. Expand Your Soul

You can look good, smell good and even speak good (er… well), but are you good? Is it time to return to the faith of your fathers? No? Ok then take a look at what significant thinkers had to say about living a good life. Here’s a suggestion, read the teachings of the Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Augustine, Kongki (Confucius), Mengzi or Jesus. What makes a human being flourish? The expansion of one’s soul through the habituation of virtue. These guys had significant things to say. Practice what they said and you’ll live well.

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