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Why We Should Give Away Our Work

Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash

People think generosity is a good thing.

A characteristic of healthy people.

A virtue.

Of course generosity is a good thing.

No arguments here.

However, some people confuse generosity with free.

Free is free, with no cost to the receiver.

However, the giver may hope to get something in return from their gift.

Think “free gift” with purchase and you’ll understand.

Generosity is different.

Generosity is the real free gift.

There is no expectation of compensation.

There is no transaction.

The gift is given for the sheer pleasure of the user’s benefit or delight.

Think “street art” and you’ll understand.

Generally, all of us make a living by our bodies, or by our minds.

And we want to get paid for our efforts.

Still, what have you given away?

What do you give away?

How have you been generous?

Our acts of generosity inoculate us from greed.

Our acts of generosity increase the value of our work.

Our acts of generosity remind us that life isn’t a zero sum game.

What have you given away?

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