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Social Media Posts Solve Nothing

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It’s 2018.

More and more people are posting about what

concerns them,

or angers them.

or offends them.

And of course this means they are doing next to nothing to solve the problem they are posting about.

Still, because they became

so angry,

so worked up,

they decided to take decisive, superhuman action.


they >click< and posted, or re-shared another's post.

Or maybe they dug in, rolled up their sleeves

and >click<,


and then

>click<, posted.

The people who are doing good,

The people who are getting things done,

The people who are making real changes,

Are the people who are not posting about their outrages on social media.


Because they’re too busy

writing speeches,

solving problems,

organizing groups,

collecting signatures,

getting out the vote,

knocking on doors—

they’re busy working to change things for the better.

When all you do is post–and be honest with yourself–then you’ve done next to nothing.

You may feel good about yourself.

You may believe you spoke truth to power.

You may think you have completed a heroes journey.

But you haven’t.

In December 2017, during an interview with Prince Harry, former president Barack Obama stated: “Sending out an hashtag can in of itself bring about change, it can be a powerful way to raise awareness, but you have to get on the ground and do something.”


Do something.

When you post on social media,


you only posted.

And that is nothing more significant than posting cat videos.

It’s okay to post.

But remember posting isn’t doing.

Do and you won’t need to post.

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