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What Glasses Do You Wear?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

I wear prescriptions glasses to see close up and far away. It’s rare when I do not wear them. You wear glasses too and it’s also rare when you do not wear them.

We all have glasses we use to see.

We all use a filter to process the world around us: from relationships, to work, to spiritual views and politics. We spend time taking input only from people [or organizations] we trust like opticians to make sure we are seeing things correctly. And if others see things differently, then it is them and not us who are blind, or in some “bubble.”

But here’s a suggestion: consider you may be wrong.

Systemically and devastatingly wrong.

About everything, or at least most things.

And if this true, and I am convinced it is, then what does this mean for the decisions we make about our lives and the world we all live in? What if we have it have wrong? Even a little bit?

Make sure the glasses you wear and the filters you use are clear.

Hold on to your views passionately, but loosely.

Be willing to see an opposing view.

Test your view against reality.

Be willing to change glasses.

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