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The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

And that's the dilemma, because how do you know what you want is true, good or beautiful?

Think about this, if your heart [say, "soul", "core of your being", "the real you"] is not well, or damaged by poor decisions, or damaged by the actions of others against you, how would you know? You wouldn't necessarily know because—wait for it—your heart is damaged. And then whatever your heart wants would probably be unhealthy for you and for others as well. Your heart—or you—seeks relief, pleasure, love or distraction from the damage. Your heart will not automatically seek healing.

That's the dilemma.

But suppose you do know your heart is not healthy, so you are suspicious of your desires and decisions. That's a good move, but you're still stuck, right? Now you have to judge if the decisions and desires you have are true, good or beautiful. And how would you do that? Who's input do you consider? Who's voice do you listen to? And even if good, true or beautiful voices speak into your life, how would your heart—or you—know?

Suppose further,

what if you know your heart is not well,

you know you cannot trust every decision or desire you have,

you’re unsure how to determine good, true or beautiful,

so you realize you need your heart healed or maybe a completely new one.

Then what?

How do you obtain a better, or healthier, or new heart?

How do you become healthy?

How do you become whole?

The heart wants what the heart wants.

And that's the dilemma.

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