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On Independence Day, Which Will You Choose: Equality, Freedom or Fairness?

Photo by Charl van Rooy on Unsplash

Equality means equality of access, or the opportunity to do your best without being shut out for unrelated reasons. Equality is not the same as being equal. Equality does not guarantee you or me anything—not even success at anything.

Freedom is the ability to make your own decisions about work, time and money: where you live, what you do, when and with whom. It is not the absence of responsibility or consequences. It assumes you take responsibility for the choices you make.

Fairness is the willingness to extend dignity to others. Especially “the others.” The dignity of being seen, the dignity of being heard, and the dignity of being able to make a contribution. Fairness is not charity.

So which one will you choose?

Here’s a suggestion: choose all three.

Choose equality of access for others.

Choose freedom for yourself and take responsibility for the decisions you make.

Choose fairness for others by seeing and listening.

This Fourth of July, on this Independence Day, choose Equality, Freedom and Fairness.

Happy Birthday America

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