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Pick Yourself If No One Else Will

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

I am not surprised when people attempt to highjack another person’s work or organization or platform to push their agenda, ideas or brand.

These hi-jackers either want to:

  • Peel off a part of the organization for themselves [or cause].

  • Change a part of the organization for themselves [or cause].

  • Completely take over the organization for themselves [or cause].

I’ve seen this again and again in businesses, faith communities, colleges and any time a group of people gather around a common cause. Sooner or later, someone–who was not the founder, catalyst or leader–will attempt to bend the group’s mission to fit their own vision.

Normally, the hijackers will cry foul over the crime of “not being picked’ for leadership roles.

They believe the reason they are not chosen for influencing roles is never

their ability,

their lack of talent,

their personality or,

their character.

No, the cause is claimed to be—almost without fail—their gender or race.

This is why these hijackers were “not picked” to lead a team, or to lead a department or to share responsibility in steering the organization’s direction.

To those who are unhappy in the organization they find themselves in, I say, “Go Pick Yourself.”

Look, if you’re unhappy in the church, or college, or “bubble”, or company or corporation which you are part of or which employs you,

if you’ve made several attempts to change the organization from within with no success,

if you’re tired of complaining [and I know we’re tired of hearing you complain] about those who do not see the world through the same filter you do,

then be an adult,

grow a pair,


and leave to go pick yourself.

Build your own website.

Start your own company.

Establish your own faith community.

Create your own movement.

If the powers which exist do not pick you, go pick yourself.

You do not need permission.

Just go.

Go Pick Yourself.

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