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How Do You Want To Die?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

My friend [name withheld] passed away several years ago.

He was in his thirties.

But he was lucky.

He wasn’t suppose to live this long as he did because of a congenital heart condition.

Ironically, a rare liver cancer killed him.

He lived a short but full life:

  • Graduated from college

  • Married a local beauty queen

  • Had three kids

  • Bought a home

  • Held down a well-paying job

  • He made friends easily

  • Loved his family absolutely

  • Read books

  • Enjoyed beer

  • And was a practitioner of Jesus teachings so completely that he did not have to tell people he was a follower of Jesus

As he died, he was in good spirits.

He was not wallowing in self pity or bitterness.

Or fear.

A few observations about my friend’s life:

Let’s assume you will not be the one person in history to live forever.

So, ask yourself: "How do I want to die?"

Know this, you’ll probably die of natural causes.

But know this too, 30% of medical costs is from the 1% of the adult population being kept alive.

As a culture, we believe healthcare should prolong life no matter the impact on family, or friends.

Or the patient.

Or the costs.

Now, if you want full intervention, sparing no heroic measures to avoid death, then by all means choose that, decide now and put it writing. Don’t be a coward and make someone else choose it for you. Decide now how you want to die.

OR if you want to go peacefully to spare your loved ones the additional trauma or pain or expense (or all three) deciding what to do, decide now and put that writing or else some family member might insist on a procedure which will prolong your life.

And often that procedure to prolong your life will take you through your own private, personal hell: speechless and unable to stop the ride.

You can easily decide how you want to die now with this simple form:

Now, here’s a more important question: How do you want to be remembered?

What do you want your family, friends to say about you?

What would your sons, daughters, nephews, cousins, parents, neighbors, and co-workers say about you? What are you leaving behind?



Beautiful memories?

How do you want to die?

Once you answer that question, start living your answer.

Because everyone dies.

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