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5 Ways to Avoid Emotional Vampires

  1. The best and worse things usually happen in the company of someone else. We’re not wired to be alone for too long. We’re just not built that way. It seems nature has made us for relationships. From our bodies to our souls we need others to become what we’re meant to be.

  2. If you have the skills to maintain a long-term friendship you probably have the skills to stay married. Often the best way to have a great, healthy relationship is to pursue the project or passion that ignites you and the right person will be met along the way.

  3. Have you noticed how you always end up with that “creepy guy” or “bitchy girlfriend”? Have you thought to ask yourself, “Why are inconsistent, broken, shady, thoughtless people attracted to me?” After all, you are the consistent theme in all your relationships. What brokeness do you have that attracts broken people to you? The simple (not easy) cure to prevent attracting the wrong person is to become the most healthy person you can be. Do that and you’ll attract other healthy people to you.

  4. No one completes you. “Complete me” is an impossible, unreasonable request to make of another human being. To be completed as a human being requires more than just another person. It requires something or Someone who will outlive you.

  5. Some people are emotional vampires sucking the blood out of your soul until you’re dry as a bone. Then as you lay shriveled on the ground, they’ll step over you while declaring, “You weren’t there for me.” By the way, what the hell does “there for me” even mean?

What about you?

How do you avoid emotional vampires in your life?

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