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41 Ways To Be a Better Man

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A Short List of Advice for Men

  1. Buy the most expensive pair of a shoes you can afford.

  2. Buy the right shoes

  3. Black cap-toe shoes (formal to dressy)

  4. Brown wingtip shoes nest (dressy to casual)

  5. Buy a pair of cedar shoes trees for those pair of shoes as well.

  6. When buying a suit, remember that fit is more important than cost.

  7. Be the best dressed man in every situation.

  8. Own a navy or grey suit (no black suits unless you’re a chauffeur, a mortician or minister)

  9. Two or three 100% cotton solid white and/or blue shirts (slim fit)

  10. Own a solid black and navy tie (silk or knit)I

  11. Invest in classic articles of casual clothing.

  12. Own a two pairs of well-fitting dark jeans (Again, try slim fit.)

  13. Own a grey cashmere sweater (works year round)

  14. Own two or three solid polos.

  15. Own two or three casual shirts (chambray, small patterned)

  16. Own a pair of great khakis (Gap, JCrew, Dockers or Bills)

  17. Own a pair of white (canvas or leather) tennis shoes (and keep them clean).

  18. Own a denim jacket (Gap, JCrew or Levi)

  19. Own a navy pea coat (minimum 6 front buttons)

  20. Go to bed on the same day you woke up.

  21. If you must, finance your education or home, but never...ever...a car.

  22. Maintain your car (oil changes, tune ups, tire pressure and rotation).

  23. Get out of debt (make a plan or get professional help).

  24. Remember to drink water.

  25. Remember that manners matter.

  26. Remember to groom your facial hair (nose, eyebrows and ears).

  27. Remember to bathe. Daily. Twice if you sweat.

  28. Remember to brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste and chew whitening gum.

  29. Remember to use breath mints.

  30. Learn to launder your clothes (hot water for pure whites, warm for colors, cold for darks).

  31. Learn to iron your clothes

  32. Find a reliable dry-cleaners (starch breaks down cotton, don’t use it).

  33. Find a reliable tailor.

  34. Find a reliable shoe repair shop.

  35. Learn to enjoy classical music.

  36. Learn at least one foreign language.

  37. Visit the dentist twice year (get your teeth professionally cleaned).

  38. Wash your linens (towels, bed sheets at least once a week).

  39. Find a mentor (business and professional).

  40. Set aside time to care for your character.

  41. Read books.

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