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15 Things You Can Do To Be More Handsome

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Photo by Robert Penaloza on Unsplash

1. Find a barber or stylist who understands your face and personality. Having a great haircut is important, so don’t skimp. How do you know if the barber will get you? They should talk with you without immediately asking you about the clipper settings you prefer.

2. Keep your living area clean; a germ free environment translates into a germ free body [and women love a clean environment].

3. Apply sunscreen before you go outside every day.

4. Use a moisturizer every day. Apply it liberally to a clean face at night and to a clean face in the morning [in other words – wash your face before applying moisturizer]

5. Protect your eyes: wear sunglasses. And remember this too: creams keep away wrinkles while gels get rid of dark circles and bags.

6. Wash your face correctly = no body soap. Use [wait for it] facial soap. Exfoliate once a week.

7. Do you have a beard? Then shampoo and condition your beard when you wash your hair which should be 2—3 times a week, max. Rinse your hair and beard throughly every time you shower.

8. Beards may be on their way out, but if you sport facial follicles, keep them groomed.

9. If you shave your face, avoid those gimmicky multi blade shavers. So bad for your skin. Use a single blade. Period.

10. Eyebrows? Get them tweezed monthly or learn how to keep them in the check

11. Speaking of god-awful facial hair: buy a nose hair trimmer [about $9-20] and some good tweezers [read, Tweezerman] for your ears.

12. Take care of your hands and feet; get a mani and/or pedi at least once every three months. Use hand cream at night and lotion those feet as well [cover them in clean white socks after you do].

13. When the time comes, go grey. Please no dye jobs. Everyone knows when your dye your hair and it looks ridiculous. Think George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, or John Slattery—would they dye their glorious grey hair? Then why would you? One more thing, grey hair is drier so always use conditioner, but you’re already doing that, right? [see #7].

14. Wait. You’re not? Ok handsome, here’s the thing, shampoo 2—3 times a week, but rinse and condition your hair every day. Every. Single. Day.

15. Finally, smell good. Invest in a signature or two scents. And where do you wear scent? Every place you’d wish to be kissed [you’re welcome].

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