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15 Things I Learned From Traveling

I’v eaten fish from the Krishna River tin India, pizza from Napoli wood burning ovens, soup from roadside Peruvian vendors, and Scottish breakfasts.

I’ve seen the place of The Troubles in Ireland, drank Guinness at the Crown Pub, tea in Tajikistan, and life changing espresso in Italy.

I’ve experienced the glorious Durga temple, the serenity of a Buddhist temple, climbed Machu Picchu, was stunned by the majestic beauty of the Washington Cathedral, and toured Ulster Hall.

I’ve seen the statue of King Somoni in Tajikistan, the murals of Diego Rivera in Mexico City, toured White House and our Capitol. I’ve walked the green hills of Scotland, and worshipped in some of the churches in Norway, Peru, Ecuador, and Italy.

I have spoken at businesses, colleges and faith communities in these countries and others not listed.

Here’s what I have learned from my travels:

  • We are connected to everyone; what we do, how we live, the politics we practice, affect the billions of other people on our fragile planet.

  • The West in general, Americans specifically, are ignorant of those billions of other people on our fragile planet.

  • We are more alike than different.

  • Cultures are different, but not equal.

  • If you were born in the West—then you won the global lottery.

  • America is the youngest global child, but makes the most noise.

  • Do not eat where a menu is written in English; ask a local where they eat.

  • If you can, stay in a local home instaed of a hotel or hostel.

  • Use public transportation.

  • The best conversations are with strangers.

  • Strangers can become life-long friends.

  • The rule of law in not a universal practice and human rights is often a vague notion.

  • People everywhere are doing good publicly and in obscurity.

  • I am trained in philosophy, theology and art, but have learned a lot from traveling.

  • We can do more for the billions of other people on our fragile planet.

Spend less locally so you can travel internationally.

You will rarely regret visiting another country.

What have you learned from travel?

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