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Octavio is compassionate, hilarious, and invested in helping others reach their potential. He has a heart for those who are often forgotten, whether a college student struggling to find his or her confidence, a former addict looking to make a change, or a refugee searching for support.

What a priviledge to have Octavio as a speaker at our school. He shares so much knowledge and wisdom about living an intentional life. The response is always great, and our students mention him as one of their favorites year after year.

Rachael Berg-Martinez, Ph.D.

LIcensed Clinical Psychologist​

Orange County, California

Linn [Teacher] and Geir Byberg [Principal], Hedmarktoppen Folkhoyskøkle

Hamar, Norway

I look back at the day I met him in 1987 and know with certainty that it was one of the most pivotal introductions in my life.

I have worked in leadership development with Octavio both in Europe and in the US, with leaders from around the world. He is an extraordinary speaker with a tremendous ability to tell stories in such a way that draws every listener into a journey with him.

Anthony Valentino Th.M. IT Director

La Mirada, California

Adaumir Nascente Director of Care Operations Unitymedia

Cologne, Germany

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Octavio is a consummate storyteller.

With expertise and experience covering a variety of topics dealing with relationships, 

audiences leave his talks entertained and inspired.

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Relationship Workshops

Move Into Freedom

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Keynote Speaking

Meaningful & Memorable

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Relational Coaching

Get Ready to Take Action


Professional Collaborations

Octavio Cesar Martinez provides professional speaking services for a variety of exceptional clients. Learn more about who Octavio has worked with below, and get in touch to book your own speaking engagement.


Opportunity Knocks

These clients had a specific topics in mind, and turned to Octavio for professional guidance. With an innovative and engaging approach, they took the ideas and added a unique touch for an incredible outcome:

Trivago [Germany],

Unitymedia [Germany], ​

FRG [Tajikistan], 

Verizon Wireless [California],



Colleges and Universities

Engaging Minds

Octavio was able to put together a curriculum and program that went above and beyond all this client’s needs. These schools experienced measurable results that exceeded student and professor expectations: 

Fagerhaug International School [Norway],

Hedmarktoppen Folkhoykole [Norway],

Vikasitha [India],

BIOLA University [California],

Fuller Seminary,

DeVry University 

Non-Profits and Faith Communities

Changing The World

Non-profits are widely respected clients that Octavio is proud to have worked with. Full of creativity and originality, these were inspirational collaborations:

Mosaic Trondheim [Norway],

The Filadelfia Church [Norway],​

Maritakafeen [Norway],

Mosaic Dusseldorf [Germany]

TRIBUS [Germany],  

Nuova Vita [Italy],

El Vino Nuevo [Ecuador],

Verbo [Ecuador],

United Methodist Foundation of Western North Carolina, [North Carolina],

Bethany Church [California],

House of Grace,

Urban Youth Workers Institute,

California Association of College Bookstores 

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