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Healthy on a Budget: Tips to Keep You Motivated While Living Well

The healthy lifestyle is super compelling. Increased longevity, energy, performance, and a whole host of other benefits await you when you start prioritizing health. But you know what isn't fun about living healthy? Yep, the price point. The cost associated with health can be a deterrent, from overpriced smoothies to exorbitant gym fees and workout classes. But living healthy on a budget is possible.

Healthy Equals Thrifty

Did you know that enjoying a healthy lifestyle helps you save more in the long run? The University of New Hampshire reports that when you're mindful about your health and nutrition, you may have access to lower health insurance premiums; cooking at home helps you save significantly while also helping avoid the fats and heaviness that can come from restaurant dining. When you use a bike or walk instead of using your car, you're burning more calories, contributing to your long-term health, and saving money. Thus, don't forget it pays to prioritize wellness! This can help ease some of the costs associated with being healthy.

Earn Money While Living Healthy

According to Amy Shamblen, there are more content creators now than ever. You can join the bandwagon, too, by sharing aspects of your healthy lifestyle. This is a great way to commit to your health while monetizing it. This can also help you fund more expensive groceries or workout classes! For example, you could start an affiliate marketing blog about essential money-saving practices or open a yoga studio.

Follow your biggest wellness passion when it comes to monetizing your health, as this will keep you motivated and consistent in the long run! Be sure to set yourself up for success by making a solid first impression with a well-designed website and logo. If you need a logo design, use an online logo creator to create an appealing and unique logo. All you need to do is choose a style, icon, or text, and then adjust fonts and colors to your preference!

Workout Gear for Increased Motivation

If you fall prey to social media advertising, then you may believe you need the latest in athleisure wear to work out. But contrary to popular belief, you don't need $150 yoga pants for exercising! However, the right workout gear can help improve your performance while working out. They can support a wide range of activities - from yoga to HIIT workouts. Another secret of investing in workout gear is that it can get you motivated to make it to your workout!

So if you've been struggling with sticking to a workout routine, investing in a few high-quality basics will be the way to go. You can find excellent workout wear in thrift stores or cheaper new options at Costco, Amazon, or consignment stores. And when it comes to equipment like exercise bikes, go online to get unbiased home product reviews and recommendations. This initial research will help you determine what products are durable, affordable, and the best fit for you and your exercise goals.

Watch What You Eat - Literally

Some of the highest costs associated with health come from the eating aspect of the lifestyle. Buying organic at the grocery store can come with a higher price point, but if you're watching what you eat, you can save money in the long run. For example, stock up on healthy, nonperishable foods in bulk, buy fruit and veggies in season, or grow your food for maximum thriftiness while still living your best, healthiest lifestyle. Avoiding the processed and junk food aisles in the grocery store will also help with health goals and keep your monthly bills low.

If you have financial goals like saving for a house or crushing debt, an expensive lifestyle may be last on your priority list. But the great thing about living healthy is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. And at the end of the day, not prioritizing your health today will cost you down the line too - just in a different way. That’s why it's time to make health your number one priority - without breaking the bank!

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